Any Business Process, Anywhere

SACCO Core banking solution

Manage all your operations centrally. Integrate your bank, get mobile money platform linked to the core system. Automate all your processes and be efficient from real-time data. Get instant SASRA reports at all times.

Hospital Management Information Solution

Manage all your operations centrally. Share information instantly and help save lives. Manage your lab, pharmacy, store, and all departments from a central point.

Property Management

Monitor your property costs and revenues. Manage customers’ and investor welfare from the comfort of your home.

Transport & Logistics

Allow your clients and partners to interact and do business with you. Monitor and manage your warehouse and assign and execute tasks remotely. Give your customers flawless service.

Grants & Project Management

Manage donor funds and get instant reports on field activities. Measure results against objectives and create confidence with your donors.


Manage your costs and check revenues against production. Get real-time reports on input against output and make real-time management and investment decisions.

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Why you should consider Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one application that connects people, processes, and data together to help manage businesses from  end to end.

As an engine of connectivity, Business Central brings together services, sales, operations and talent to make your business more efficient and productive. By bringing all of these applications together into one system, you have fingertip access to analytics and business intelligence, leading to better-informed decision making.

Gives you 360º connectivity across your business

Increases efficiency and productivity through better visibility

Streamline operations with better supply chain and project management

Integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps already operating within your business

Allows you to be flexible to changing market needs, customer demands and competition activity

Integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps already operating within your business

Be dynamic to remain competitive allowing you to anticipate customer needs

Easily customizable data outputs and business intelligence makes decision-making easier and less risky

Every $1 spent on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers $16.97 back to your business

Microsoft is a global leader in digital transformation. Microsoft empowers businesses around the world to unify and transform business processes. They’ve invested billions of dollars in building a worldwide cloud computing infrastructure that powers modern business application solutions. Ready to replace outdated legacy systems? Get started with Domain 6’s team of Microsoft experts that can transition you quickly with very little business disruption.

  • Recognized as a leader by top industry researchers
  • Trusted by global businesses
  • Supported by $1bil + investment in Azure Cloud

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